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HoS_Colourful Language_Cover_v3.jpg

colourful language //

Fuckface, wanker and prick…

…are three rude words, but there are LOADS more. I've said others today in fact. More than once. Sometimes it’s just good to let off steam isn’t it? And what better way to do that than say these words aloud, giggle immaturely and colour them in. Wait what?! Colour them in?!

That’s right, colour them in! The original and best swearing colouring book already on the market, Hero of Switzerland’s Colourful Language is here and boasts some of the countries top illustration talent to boot. The twats.

Aside from rude words being funny AND clever, swearing and colouring can also be calming (Doctors say that colouring in is therapeutic, and we all know swearing is great) – the book works on SO many levels.

So dust of your crayons, buy some new felt tips and colour the shit out of it.