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DAVE ANDERSON (Blood Sausage) //

Dan Button

Scooped up by his Peruvian wife and transplanted to the wild streets of Lima, the industry and confused locals alike are wondering when Welshman Dave's going to move on from smut and puns and focus on his landscapes. Born with apparently one of the most common name combinations in the United States, he was forced to display his off-piste animations and illustrations under the URL Despite these challenges Dave in the past year has managed to make ad campaigns for Cancer Reseach UK and Jacamo. He's a regular for the Metro and recently illustrated the QI Book of General Ignorance. 

HoS / What do you do with yourself all day?
DA / Fortunately, given the time difference, I usually wake up when the morning enthusiasm for work in the UK has waned. So if there's something in the inbox I'm left to get on with it. Then all I have to worry about are vegetables I've never seen before and trying not to get run over by battered Toyota saloons holding a Peruvian families of fifteen.

HoS / What has been your strangest job/commission?
DA / I once worked as a runner on an ad for a Korean equivalent of Pot Noodle. The star was a very expensive live shrimp and it was my job to keep it breathing until the end of the day's filming. It didn't let me down, carking it mere seconds after the lights went out. I was very proud of myself until it dawned on me I'd spent the whole day as a “Shrimp Fluffer”. 

HoS / Tell us 2 facts and 1 lie about you.
DA / I lived next door to Neil Kinnock
DA / I once played football naked at the Royal Academy
DA / I get my hair done at Marco Aldany. 

HoS / Matthew Kelly?
DA / Given all the muck they tried to throw at him I bet he wishes he was the host of the Peruvian equivalent of Stars in their Eyes “Yo Soy”. He got next to no backlash recently when he suggested the Bob Marley impersonator would have scored more highly if he'd performed in blackface. 

HoS / What question would you hate to be asked?
DA / Any directions in Spanish. If French is the language of love then, even after five years in Peru, my Spanish remains a clumsy assault behind a kebab house.