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Dan Button

This is Biff, he's an illustrator, designer and art director based in London who first hooked up with us for our Rad science show last year, creating wooden portraits of famous scientists, which went down a scientific storm. Here are some words he's wrote in reply to some words we wrote...

HoS / What do you do with yourself all day?
B / Watch a lot of interesting films/documentaries. Always read on the tube. Try and meet whoever i'm working for. Emails, emails and emails. Hop around London Airbnbs

HoS / What question would you hate to be asked? 
B / What pens do you use?

HoS / Tell us 2 facts and 1 lie about you.
B / I can leapfrog 6 people at once.
B / I think Pokemon Go is really great.
B / I have four nipples.

HoS / If your work was a song, TV show, film or a person, what/who would it be?
B / The Isley Brothers - Work to do. I put it on pretty much every morning when i'm making breakfast/ commuting to work.

HoS / If no one was watching, what would you do?
B / Buy some 70's flares and strut to work listening to "work to do".