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Dan Button

Sophie is a freelance illustrator, currently found on a boat in London. She works predominantly with watercolour and pen and she first worked with us on our most recent show Arty Farty. But enough pre amble, he she is answering our silly questions...

HoS // Tell us 2 facts and 1 lie about you
SG // Got kicked out of art school for a short while.
SG // Held a cockroach in my mouth once.
SG // Can't stop drawing horses they're so easy and great to draw.

HoS // What do you do with yourself all day?
SG // Draw. Paint. Notice passing dogs. Think of the fun times my dog and I would share if I had a dog. Worry.

HoS // Got any habits?
SG // The colour blue. 

HoS // What's your spirit inanimate object?
SG // Fresh tube of blue paint.

HoS // If your work was...
SG // In my mind it's Calamity Jane Deadwood style, but really it gets a little Belle and Sébastien (TV series not band) at times.