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Dan Button

Our first ever Queries Folk interview is with recent HoS regular and all round lovely guy Daniel Jamie Williams - an illustrator based in London, who mixes traditional and digital techniques; mostly pencil and digital software. He enjoys making narrative pieces which sometimes take the form of short books or zines as well as editorial and poster illustration.

Daniel first joined us for our Rad Science Show back in 2015 and has been a main stay ever since. We love him. You should too. But we'll let you decide for yourself...

HoS / What do you do with yourself all day?
DJW / I do drawing - that's probably the most exciting part.
Some enjoyable but less exciting things would be sleeping and eating – they’re my honourable mentions.
HoS / What has been your strangest job/commission?
DJW / Years ago I did a drawing for some rapper. He didn't pay me - or use it.
HoS / Tell us 2 facts and 1 lie about you.
DJW / Daniel isn't my real name.
DJW / I got an E in A level art.
DJW / I have a secret blog dedicated to goat photos.
HoS / If no one was watching, what would you do?
DJW / Wait, what? People are watching?
HoS / If your work was a song, TV show, film or a person, what/who would it be?
DJW / I'd like to think it's something by Modest Mouse. They probably wouldn't.