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Dan Button

Samuel B. Thorne is an illustrator and designer based in London.  Samuels bold and vibrant style is influenced by 1980s skateboard graphics, vintage comic books, the golden age of animation, 1950s advertising and pop-art. He's another new comer to the HoS bosom, providing the colour and gore to our most recent show Arty Farty. Here are some other words about him...

HoS / What do you do with yourself all day?
SBT / I spend most of my day designing for a social media agency, but by night you will find me drinking beer, consuming pop culture, riding my chicken chaser and when I have the time, drawing something gooey.

HoS / What has been your strangest job/commission?
SBT / My weirdest job was probably spray painting over my own design someone had stolen, but damn, did it feel good.

HoS / If your work was a song, TV show, film or a person, what/who would it be?
SBT / It would be a 23 minute J-pop, psychedelic, death metal jam with the Simpsons and Spongebob theme tunes playing backwards in the background. Steve McFadden on vocals.

HoS / What's your spirit inanimate object?
SBT / It would be a plain black frame with an awesome screen print inside of it, because I like to hang out with people who have more talent than me.

HoS / What question would you hate to be asked?
SBT / What drugs are you on  to draw like that?