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This is Raj - an image maker/ illustrator who we first hooked up with last year for Rad Science. He's a bloody good egg so have a read and get to know the guy!

Raj makes work that communicates a narrative within the illustration – but it's the process of the image that he's most interested in – how the sketchbook will appear when he gets his idea, how his block will turn out before exposing the images onto a screen, cutting the lino, and messing up in the process and etc...

He believes it's essential to make work where you can take a step back and see that a human has created it, and not a computer (although the computer might assist it).

But what do we really want to know about him? Let's have a read yeah?!

HoS / What do you do with yourself all day?
RD / I try to be proactive with my days and do a number of things, but mainly I do the illustration stuff, teach part time and study a post-grad course at the moment.

HoS / Got any habits?
RD / Rolling my ankle in football.

HoS / Tell us 2 facts and 1 lie about you.
RD / I enjoy painting. 
RD / I despise painting. 
RD / I cannot float.

HoS / If your work was a song, TV show, film or a person, what/who would it be?
RD / Drive. Okay probably not but Drive is mad cool and would love if somebody found my work as cool.

HoS / Inappropriate is...?
RD / Bare foot on the train/tube/bus.

@rajdraws instagram