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Dan Button

We love Adam. His talent, enthusiasm, energy and sense of humour are what makes him inspirational and such a great collaborator, that we're constantly grateful to have crossed paths. Enough gushing from us, here's some words from the man himself...

Born ‘n bred Lunduna, Adam Graff (AKA The Amazing Illustrator boy in glorious Technicolor) is an illustrator and educator, heading the level 5, BA illustration pathway at the University of Hertfordshire. He joined HoS for the Heroes & Villains exhibition back in 2011 and has been an active collaborator ever since.

“Sometimes in life you find yourself ‘home’, that sense of being in the right place amongst the right people, doing the right thing. That’s how it was for me when I was invited to submit for the third Hero show. The fluid space that is HoS, allows me to be creatively adventurous and authentic".

HoS / What do you do with yourself all day?
AG / On a non-teaching day, I generally spend the entire day in my studio with the aim of getting on my drawing board. It is astonishing how much other stuff stalls this intention. 

HoS / My strangest commission?
AG / Must be a tour brochure for a Scottish nuclear power station. As my visual language has always been on the obscure side, all the people I drew had empty eye-balls (picture zombies) and only 3 fingers per hand, which I remember caused the client concern. I'm not sure why they ever chose me to do that job.

HoS / If my work was a film...
AG / It would have to be an obscure, fringe film where the actors would either be toys or humans dressed in home-made character costumes. There would be lavish sets but unconvincing props made from cereal boxes and egg cartons. The genre would be expressionist dark comedy and there would have to be a few big musical numbers in there. 

HoS / 2 facts, 1 lie
AG / I have had tea in the presence of the queen
AG / I worked as a nude cleaner
AG / I was the body double for Rutger Hauer

HoS / Judy Finnigan
AG / Judy Finnigan - didn't her tit flop out at some award ceremony or was that Janet Jackson?