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Dan Button

Russell's an old friend of HoS who first exhibited way back with us in 2011. He's an Illustrator and comic artist based in East London who makes drawings inspired by punk rock, 90s wrestling, cartoons and all things cheap, plastic and disposable. His work has been published in Complex Magazine, Artrocker, Kult Magazine, Fun, Shellsuit Zombie, Eyeball Comix and Snuff Comix as well as being used by Riff Raff, Topman, Stickerbomb, YRstore, Fluffer Records, Awesome Merchandise and CRMC Clothing. And if that's not enough he's also contributed illustrations videos for music videos VANT and Love Buzzard which were directed by Youth Hymns. Anyway, here he's politely answered a few of our questions...

HoS / What do you do with yourself all day?
Drink tea and listen to wrestling podcasts

HoS / What has been your strangest job/commission?
RT / I used to work in a balloon shop with a sex section. I Sold quite a few vibrators to the same old bloke. He used to come in on market day.

HoS / Got any habits?
RT / I eat a lot of Tracker bars and I never board a train without a copy of Viz and a good few gins. If it's a long journey I'll get Viz and Retro Gamer. And a sandwich. 

HoS / Tell us 2 facts and 1 lie about you.
RT / I'm from Hereford
RT / I drink a lot of cider
RT / I have a double foreskin (an eight skin)

HoS / If no one was watching, what would you do?
RT / Listen to Skid Row

HoS / If your work was a song, TV show, film or a person, what/who would it be?
RT / Murder She Wrote

HoS / What's your spirit inanimate object?
RT / An egg in an egg 

HoS / What question would you hate to be asked?
RT / Have you seen Superjail

HoS / Inappropriate is...
RT / Fine by me