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Dan Button


Sophie joined us for The 2017 London Illustration Fair for the first time and settled in with a gang a treat. Her sense of play and colour in her work, – and the fact that she didn't even study art – is both lovely and sickening, such is her talent. But anyway, here's some things in her own words...

HoS / What has been your strangest job/commission?
SMK / I once appeared on a TV comedy show which was some kind of fake reality show about a comedian band and was asked to act a 16-year-old fan girl crying over their retirement at an interview. It was fun and painful at the same time to watch my awful acting taken up the whole screen.

HoS / Got any habits?
SMK / I turn all the labels on the bottles around in the kitchen so that they face in the same direction, which I couldn’t really notice doing until my bf intentionally turned one the wrong way round.

HoS / Tell us 2 facts and 1 lie about you.
SMK / I have my 10-year-old toe nails in my keeping.
SMK / I’ve legally changed my first name 9 times.
SMK / I made my first business card at 15.

HoS / If no one was watching, what would you do?
SMK / Look at myself in the mirror, smile and think it’s pretty sexy to be 26.

HoS / What’s your spirit inanimate object?
SMK / Vintage polka dot dress

HoS / Inappropriate is…?
SMK / Being blamed for loving the colour red by my huge Chelsea fan bf.