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It all started when three creatively frustrated friends started drawing together. The drawings accumulated, they put on shows, the internet fell in love with their blogs, they met other creatively frustrated friends and they grew. Now they are one of the most creative and cherished illustration outfits in the UK. You can find their work either clogging up the internet, adorning the shelves of the snazziest shops or on your friend's wall.


These days Hero of Switzerland consists of founder Dan Button and good friend
Adam Graff. Together they organise group exhibitions, produce numerous collaborative projects, put on unique illustration based events and attend notable art fairs each year. In addition to their passion for all things Hero, Dan is a Design Director for the entertainment marketing agency FRUKT and Adam is a Senior Lecturer of Illustration at Hertfordshire University as well as an award winning illustrator.


Hero are the skilled misfits, light-hearted, eccentric, the unique, and welcoming. We exist as an alternative to the familiar, the mundane, the obvious, the cliques, the attitudes and the egos.

We are the toy in a box of cereal, an empty bouncy castle, the shiny in a pack of stickers, a laugh when you shouldn’t, a free buffet, the conga at the end of the night, a power nap, a guilty pleasure, the last stamp on a reward card, a pint after work, a banana and two oranges in a fruit bowl, the fart you let out at the end of a date, a swear word in Scrabble, a baby’s giggle, the dust in the corner of a crisp packet, a crudely drawn willy, a charity shop find, or a discarded porno in the bushes.

We find talent – whether eager, happy or frustrated – put on shows, create events, inspire, collaborate and produce fun work, all because we love what we do, and ultimately, we don’t have to do it if we don’t want to. And that freedom, talent and friendship produces some lovely things.


Secret 7s / The Jetty, Greenwich Peninsula / '18
Fun & Games / We Built This City / Carnaby Street, London / '18
The London Illustration Fair / Barge House, Southbank / '17
The London Illustration Fair / Barge House, Southbank / '16
Secret 7s / Sonos Studio / '16
The Exploding Gallery / Wilderness Festival / '16
The Exploding Gallery / Glastonbury Festival / '16
Art Farty / 5thBase Gallery / '16
The London Illustration Fair / Barge House, Southbank / '15
Rad Science II / Lik&Neon / '15
Rad Science / 5thBase Gallery / '15
Secret 7s / Somerset House / '15
The London Illustration Fair / Hoxton Arches / '14
ELCAF / The Oval Space  /'14
Pick Me Up / Somerset House / '14
Secret 7s / Mother London / '14
Artarama / Karmarama / '13
State of the Zine / National Football Museum / '13
Pick Me Up / Somerset House / '13
In Comes The Black Dog / Underdog Gallery / '13
Travel / Something Else, Bristol / '13
To Your Health / Lomography East London / '12
Heroes and Villains / VZ Gallery / '11
One Bird Records / Pure Groove / '11
Crime and Punishment / Old Police Station / '10
Youth Music / Cafe Oto / '10
Lazy Oaf / Kingly Court / '09
Bad Taste / Sassoon Gallery / '09


Top Tips
Judo Casebook
Horse With Hands Riding A Bike
From Memory
Group of Death



Hero of Switzerland pride themselves on working with established illustrators that like doing something a little different every once in a while, up and coming illustration talent who find a platform in which to get a foot hold into the industry, national art fairs that value our unique take on the world, and boutique shops that have a great roster of creatives on their shelves and walls. Here they all are...

Abe Honest
Alex Mellon
Alex Moore
Alice Devine
Amy Higgins
Amy Worrall
Becci Atkinson
Becky Liddiard
Ben Randall
BIF (Brighton Illustration Fair)
Blast Skates
Blood Sausage
Brothers of the Stripe
Cassandra Vervoort
Charlie Mellors
Chris Martin
Dale Lewis
Daniel Genders
Daniel Robson
Daniel Jamie Williams
David Sparshott
Davor Gromilovic
Deathcount in Silicone Valley (Andi Nixon)
DIY Art Fair / Mark Farhall
Donya Todd
Esme Tearle
Fay Elizabeth Heffer
Filip Ziebo
Flabby Dagger
Gory Bastard
Guy Jarrett
Harry McKenzie
Holly St. Clair
Ian Stevenson
James Andrews
Jason Drake (JayDeeDot)
Jenny Haytch
Jess White
Joon Saw
Kenn Goodall
Kunt and the Gang
Laura Willis
Lazy Oaf
Lik+Neon, London
Lily Kong
London Illustration Fair
Lucy Sherston
Made In Brockley
Mr Millerchip
Mystery Meat
Naomi Batts
Patch Plummer
Pavement Licker
Pete Donaldson (Absolute Radio and The Football Ramble)
Papersmiths, Bristol and Box Park, London
Paul Bommer
Paul Dearman
Pick Me Up, Somerset House
The Pukes
Raj Dhunna
Rashpal Amrit
Rebecca Abel
Robbie's Brown Shoes
Russell Taysom
Ryan Button
Salome Papadopoullos
Sam Peet
Sam Rowe
Sam Thorne
Sarah Birtles
Seb Chaloner
Simon Fitzmaurice
Sophie Gilmore
Sophie M Kim
Spiel Magazine
The Exploding Gallery
Tim Easley
Tom Camp
Tom Chitty
Turpentine, Brixton
We Built This City